Welcome to my corner of the world!

Curlicue is my little space in this big world where I share my thoughts, daily adventures and the things that inspire me. I'm a visual learner and value greatly beautifully composed images and well crafted words. The word curlicue refers to a fancy little twist or flourish. I wanted to create a space that is beautiful and inspiring. A place where the memories of my everyday life are remembered positively and with a flourish to finish.

And so with a flick of my wand and a flourish of my cape (McGonagall-style), I shall now leave you to explore my blog. If you like what you read or see, I would greatly appreciate if you subscribed to my blog in whichever manner you choose.

If you have any questions or would simply like to say hello, please send me an email at curlicueblog {a} hotmail {dot} com. You can also reach me on Twitter, follow along on Instagram and see what inspires me on Pinterest.