Wednesday, 13 March 2013


I am writing this at University, perched on a huge pink seat thing, awkwardly facing a girl who is silently reading her book in this silent corridor. I'm also sitting like a man, legs in full blown straddling position. Relax I'm wearing jeans.

I realise that my absence has made even the coldest of your hearts tingle with fear and for that, I am sorry. A lot of "stuff"  has been going on around my here parts lately. 

Starting from today, let's work backwards.

There was an accident on Mt Ousley. Can I just stress how bloody annoying that is? Like I wasn't late enough for University as it was, just throw in some hooligan speeding over a particularly windy mountain. *slow clap for that person* I had to take a detour that everyone else on the face of the Earth took and thus I missed my first lecture and thus, here we are.

The reason I was running late this morning though is because... well... I MOVED HOUSE!

*cue crickets*

It is actually pretty exciting though. The long of the short is that Justin's family house is actually two houses connected by a single wall and so Justin has basically been living in an entire house by himself since his brothers moved out. His parents live in the other end (obviously) and to help us save up some cash for the future yet still be together *nawww*, I have moved in with Justin. 

And let me tell you, was that a process and a half. 

My team of professional cleaners (Mum and Nan, thanks guys) have been helping me to get the place liveable over the past couple of days. Boy was it not liveable before that. That is what years of boys and their friends will do to a place. You'll all be pleased to know that downstairs is now safe enough to live in - yay!

I also did my first grocery shop for the place last night and my homemade sandwich this morning was delish. A bit of wholemeal bread, vintage cheese and honey baked ham goes down a treat as you drive like a lunatic to Wollongong. Bet you didn't know THAT

I have big plans to take pictures this week when it is all properly finished (there's a rug and a coffee table to come from IKEA still and a few bits of furniture left to build) but I am so very excited. Tonight is my last official night at home (I assume people will cry, there'll be outrage in the streets) so that will be interesting. I assume my mother will cling to me, become Italian, wail at the top of her lungs and scream WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME?!

We'll see.

I hope you are all well and better for this fantastic story I have shared to brighten up your impending Wednesday. I am at University today for a total of 11 hours and have a 13 hour day including the driving so THUMBS UP for getting through Wednesdays.


There are no pictures for this post because I am at University, surrounded by strange people and well, yeah. I don't love you all enough to take awkward photos. Sorry.


  1. Hooray for moving! You guys are smart to move in together to save money. Weddings and life are expensive, yo. ;)

    1. They sure are costly ventures! I'm so excited about this move - expect plenty o' tacky pictures of it all! X

  2. Moving sucks.. and traffic but yay for a new house and decorating!! Can't wait to see what you do with the space

    - Jacqueline xx

    1. I'm excited to show actual pictures of the place! It's nice to have a place to actually take photos of and be proud of!

      Thanks for commenting :) x


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