Thursday, 14 February 2013


the relevance of this photo will become clear the more you read.

I thought it was high time I shared with you all how amazing I truly am. In case there was any shred of doubt left in your mind, I feel confident that this post will shock and amaze you, and challenge you to always ask,
What Would Jasmine Do?

Let us begin. It was a cold, nippy morning in the rough town of Brussels, Belgium. After stumbling sideways out of a van that had been flying down a Belgian freeway at the lovely pace of 140km/h for far too long (clue #1), I wheeled my suitcase into the entrance of Brussels train station. On our way into the building, as I was vehemently expressing my rage and disgust at such poor driving, I noticed a lovely and charming gentleman relieving himself just by the door.

This, my friends, should've have been clue #2 that today, was not my day.

After checking the departure times, we decided to park ourselves in a cafe. We had to walk for miles inside the train station and sit in a cafe located directly outside of the toilets.

Which, by the way, had a whole lot of unflushed business just chilling in bowls. Can I just say, I really despise people who do that. If there is any doubt in your mind as to the likelihood that what you have just deposited will actually flush in one go (seriously, who are you), it is NOT hard to stand around and wait to see if a double flush is required. Clue #3.

Upon returning to the table, at which I was now in the company of lover boy and his mumma (his papa having left us to try his hand at the bathroom situation), I began my usual vigilant area surveillance. Some attribute this to a mild case of OCD, others (mainly me when I stand in the mirror) applaud my over-cautiousness. 

I identified a potential threat. The man sitting next to us looked highly suspicious. SEE PHOTO ABOVE. Now, I will be the first to admit that I regret making this judgement call. He had scruffy hair, scruffy clothes, was alone and was staring into the distance, rather menacingly. As an attractive and somewhat vulnerable young lady, I wisely made Justin sit on the side closest to him, all whilst keeping a keen eye on him. 

Then, he stood up and checked his bags, which were placed behind us. I was feeling a little uncomfortable at this stage. And then, he leaned over and spoke to us.

I had no idea what he said but when he repeated himself, I realised rather quickly that things were not working out for us today. He said, and I quote, 

Someone just took your bag.
So I wheel around and sure enough, Justin's backpack is missing. Justin's backpack is in fact my North Face bag (let's just say, that bad boy wasn't cheap) and inside of this backpack is his iPad and my laptop.

Oh hell no, I don't like it when people use my stuff after I've given them permission, let alone stealing my stuff without even asking. So, of course, I do what any normal person does. 

I dump my handbag with Justin's mum, give her clear and somewhat firm directions to STAY PUT AND MIND THE BAGS! and then Justin and I take off running.

We are flying through this train station and I am flicking my head left and right, attempting to search the cafes we pass in the hopes that whoever it was ducked into there with the bag and was trying to blend in. We run past one exit and I spot a man, with a black backpack, rounding the side of a bus.

This is the bit that you'll think I'm truly amazing for. Without my goggles, everything past a metre or two away from my face is blurry. I'm not blind, per se, but details are lost on me. Now, I'm running pretty fast and this guy would've been 20 or so odd metres away, and I thought I recognised my bag. It's a plain black backpack... I know, I know; amazing right?

So I pivot on the spot and run out the doors, Justin hot on my tail. Justin yells out HEY! and I'm still running, almost on this guy's tail, and he spins, sees us, drops the bag and takes off. 

Everything was still in the bag and the only casualty was my little laptop that hit the ground when he dropped it. It has a big crack on one side but it seems to work just fine.

The important part of this story is, don't take my stuff because I get really mad and I will hunt you down. The proof is in the pudding.

The other important part of this story is that Justin's Dad missed the whole thing. 

So, what did you guys learn today? Always ask yourself What Would Jasmine Do? and then maybe do the opposite because that was a really dangerous and somewhat scary situation.
The End.


  1. How nice of that guy to tell you! But also - why didn't he do anything if he watched the whole thing happen? Good on you for running and getting your bag!!

  2. Scaryyyy. But this is an awesome story. Because, you're awesome.

  3. Great story! Fantastic you managed to get your bag back. Don't mess with you hehe. x

    1. It was definitely all luck! But yes, don't mess with me because I really will come and hunt you down haha! X

  4. I once saw someone steal a lady's bag in Starbucks, and I ran after him to retrieve it but he was too quick.

    I always hook my bag round my leg or put it on my lap if I am sitting down somewhere and there's loads of people around. I am a paranoid Pete!

  5. YEAH, girl! It was nice that the creepy man told you so you could hunt down the culprit!

  6. Ever since that day I ask myself what would Jasmine do at least once in a 24 hour period, and so far the practice hasn't let me down! True story.

  7. The other lesson learned is that the creepy looking ones aren't always the dangerous ones ... the real danger was the unseen guy in a suit! I believe this lesson translates into life in general (ie beware guy in suit)

  8. this is the best story ever

    1. Thank you, thank you. One does try.

  9. After our visit in 2011, my pals and I decided that Brussels is the Epcot of Europe, right down to the Mini Europe "theme" park. This story has only confirmed my assessment.

    - Elizabeth @ JAG aka your newest follower

    1. YES. So true. I definitely shall not be returning! It's a shame because I wonder if it has lots to offer. That experience just really soured me!

      Thanks for stopping by and following along! :)

  10. I do live in Brussels and i hate that station! Yikes!
    But that story is awesome ;)

  11. Well, it sounds as you bag was so precious for you..!

    Clutch Wallet


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