Friday, 31 August 2012


This is a post I've been meaning to write for awhile. You'll thank me when I'm done.

I get all of my lovely comments directed to my email inbox. I get a little email notification when you show me some love, which makes me very happy. In addition to making my ego really big, I do this because I love replying to comments.

I love that you guys take the time to leave comments and they are always so thoughtful and constructive that I want to let you know that I listen and I love the love.

This is where the problem starts... I reply VIA EMAIL. Did everyone read that? It's my preferred style ya know? It's so simple, I just hit reply, type away (usually on my iPhone) and BAM! You know that I love you back!

But when you don't have your email linked up (even though you may think you do!), when I hit reply, the To: address is to or some rubbish. That means that my email will be sent into the cyberspace of the world and you will have no idea how I feel about you!

This problem is super easy to fix and the beautiful Jenni actually wrote about this! She even included pictures! Even if you think your email is linked to comments, just click RIGHT HERE and check out what she has to say, just to make triple sure.

This is also a surefire way to ensure my undying love for you. And I know you want that. So just do it - click the link and we'll live happily ever after. 


Monday, 27 August 2012

tribute to my godfather.

So even though it's Monday, I'm not doing a weekly round-up this week. I just don't quite have it in me right now to celebrate life at the moment. Even though perhaps now is the time when life should be most treasured..?

My godfather passed away suddenly yesterday morning. 

The only *good* news I have to share is that hopefully some of you will be proud that I didn't cry all day yesterday and I've only been thinking about him for the majority of the time, rather than all the time.

He was a lovely, beautiful man who was kind of heart. I shall always remember his presence. Even though I personally am not overly religious, it always meant something to me to have godparents. I am glad I was blessed with the godparents my parents chose for me. I can only hope that he is now no longer in pain and that he was in some way prepared, as much as one can prepare for death. Hopefully his last words were kind ones, that his last thoughts were happy. I think this is as much as I can hope for.

I wish my godmother all of the strength in the world and ask for your kind thoughts to be sent her way in this incredibly horrible time. You will be dearly, dearly missed Uncle Chris. I feel blessed to have known you.

Hope everyone had a better weekend than me.

Monday, 20 August 2012

weekly round-up 9.

Last week was a very unusual week. I went to one class for university and spent the rest of the week calming the eff down. I've been a bit edgy and stressed lately and I'm not entirely sure why. Ah well, shit happens.
I think I'm lacking structure. I need a new hobby or interest or something to kick my bum into action. If you have any ideas for removing ones self from a rut, one would like to hear it. Please and spanks so much.
Went to the Bledisloe this weekend and NZ won ;) I thoroughly enjoy looking at Dan Carter - anyone else?

Love looking at paint samples ;) // This is a serious lamb burger. It was massive. I cried.

I didn't take a billion photos as promised. I actually took less than last week. Does anyone have any tips for remembering to take iPhone photos of everything?!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

the beauty of blogging + bobbi!

The blogging community is (for the most part!) kind and supportive. It’s a medium where people are celebrated and their achievements are shared. It’s quite amazing that you can find people on the other side of the world that you can connect so beautifully with.

It is a perfect place to be inspired by words and images that you otherwise may never, ever see. I think that so many people have hidden talents that become repressed by the way our society is constructed. I do believe that in this day and age, through the help of social media sites and changing attitudes, people do genuinely feel more comfortable expressing themselves and don’t feel limited. For this present scenario I am so happy and feel so blessed to be privilege to the inner workings of some beautiful minds.

Lately I’ve been feeling inspired by one person in particular. The amazing Bobbi @ Today I’m Bobbi (who also designed my blog!) is very gifted and extremely talented. Artistically she knows no bounds and applies her gifts to blog design and fantastic writing. Her “this and that” series fills me with such happiness weekly -- she shares little online tidbits and for some reason I always seem to love them all!

Bobbi is just one (beautiful) example of the joys of blogging. Stumbling across a kindred spirit who lives thousands of kilometres away brings such happiness to your soul. It brings perspective and humility and provides a source of inspiration that challenges you to see everything in a new light.

Oh and before you all freak out by the super creepy nature of this post, she told me it was okay to rant and rave about her. 

I’d love to meet people in the blogging community that have awed you by simply existing! Let me know who floats your boat! :-) Happy blogging blog lovers! 

Monday, 13 August 2012

weekly round-up 8.

I did so much this week but forgot to snap pics of everything!

This week Justin turned 21 and I drank alcohol from Thursday-Sunday. Non stop. You heard me. I think I am still drunk but that's life sometimes you know?

Thursday: After university I met up with some friends on campus (aka I crashed the Philosophy society weekly meeting... I don't do Philosophy...) and went to two different on campus bars. First time in an on-campus bar all year. High five for self-control!

Friday: was absolutely amazing. Justin and his close friends/family plus myself (obvs) all went to Sydney's big casino, Star City. We started at a Bavarian beer cafe, ate delicious food and did a fair few shots of schnapps (anyone?!) We then moved onto Star City where we all had a good time losing money, having more drinks and having a rip roaring old time!

Unfortunately I had to work Saturday and I feel that a hangover really enhances my customer service. I'm not even joking, my productivity was actually really great on Saturday ha.

Saturday: We did a big family dinner and I ate the biggest piece of meat I have ever seen in my life. I demolished it to be accurate.

I feel so ashamed, as a blogger, that barely any of this was caught on camera! My phone was dead at certain stages and other stages I was just far too drunk to think to take photos. Forgive me. 

But next week I'm going to step up my game and have a photo overload post. Hope everyone had great weeeeeekends! 

Coffee humour, it's ma thang // But tea, I take tea very seriously. This is my new addiction!

Some serious excitement about the success of Justin's candle blowing skills! // Sunday cuddles + TV with my little Buffatron.

Finding a super slimming mirror at a casino requires a photo. Can you tell which are my legs?

If so, you're creepy and we should be friends.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

top 5 iphone apps

Hi, my name is Jasmine and I am addicted to my iPhone.

I love what it is capable of and with the ease that it does everything. True story: I didn't plan to stay at Justin's the other night and therefore I hadn't packed a bag. I had no pyjamas, no clean clothes for the next day, no make up, no nothing. I did, however, have my phone and felt fine. I had no clean underwear and was completely okay with this. I realised that I'm more comfortable being without clean underwear than I am being without my phone.

And with my underwear as your last thought, I give you my top 5 favourite iPhone apps.


If you haven't heard of this as a concept, I don't really understand how you function. Dropbox is a program that links all of your devices and allows you to share documents and pictures with each device with so much ease. You simply just drop whatever it is into the program and let it all sync. It makes transferring iPhone pictures onto the computer a piece of cake.


If you catch public transport on the semi-regular, you need this app. It has Sydney (sorry international followers!) public transport times for the ferry, the buses and the trains. I use this religiously for my train trips to and from university because it is so simple to navigate and constantly updates timetables when they need doing. It's accurate, quick, easy to use and provides a lot of information.


This app keeps me accountable. To myself. Balancing work, university, this blog and the billion other things I seem to have happening, it is so easy to forget little but important things. This cute app is well designed (which I love - if you're aesthetically pleasing, I will love you forever) and also syncs to the computer version. It also transfers whatever you don't mark as having completed to the next day so you really can't forget about it!


I bought this app awhile ago because I wanted a good photo taking app that gave me more freedom than the standard camera app and then edit in instagram. This does the trick so well. It gives you a lot of manual freedom and the editing options are quite comprehensive. It's my go-to photography app now and I am very happy about that.

This app is also beautifully designed. You just "subscribe" to news articles you wish to read, or themes of articles rather, and it just updates them for you. I personally subscribe to National Geographic and indulge my secret obsession with big cats on the daily. It saves you trawling through articles you don't care for and gives you the ones you do in a lovely way.

So there you have it! I have some others I also quite like that didn't make the cut -- perhaps next time! What are your favourite apps? Any that you recommend I get?

Monday, 6 August 2012

weekly round-up 7.

I'm still not 100% well but I am firmly back on the blogging bandwagon. Because I was in fact on death's door, not much happened in the past week. This week is going to be far more exciting because 
a) I'm almost back on my A-game 
b) Justin's birthday is this week (which will involve me drinking copious amounts of alcohol because one must always do this when provided the opportunity to do so!) and 
c) because university is now in full swing.
Without further ado...
Being indie with my iced tim tam drink and wearing Converse // This is my new best friend; everyone, meet Mr Nutella Crepe. He's also conveniently my new lover.

I took this in an elevator whilst taking the rubbish from work down to the loading docks... There was a strange man watching me as I took this photo. // Yes, I snuggle with Justin's dog in my sleep. This had to go on the Internet -- excuse my acne!!

If you also snuggle with animals in your sleep or lack inhibition in regards to taking photos for your blog I'd love to hear from you! Fingers crossed for a great week this week kiddies :)