Friday, 27 January 2012

blog tag

Some teeny tiny thongs for your viewing pleasure. I'd say they're each about 5cm long.

1. You must post the rules.
2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
4. Tag eleven five people and link them on your post (**I elect to tag five because quality is better than quantity!)
5. Let them know you've tagged them!


1. I have a "texture" issue 
I simply cannot eat certain foods due to their texture. I can't deal with it, it makes me feel ill and icky and so I don't bother. Ice cream, jelly, bananas, blegh. 

2. I suffered from many months of insomnia
That was a very stressful time, made worse by awake stresses and the lack of sleep. Counting sheep does not help - I got into the 10's of 1000's; clearly, it does not work.

3. I am actually a prodigy child 
well, at least I was. I started school a year early (at the tender age of 4) and was so good at English from such an early age that I was accelerated through all English related areas (spelling, reading, writing etc) by almost 2 years. Pure and utter genius.

4. I crave salad
It's strange but when I'm hungry, often the first thought is 'I want salad!' I think it's the crispness of the vegetables plus I really enjoy the vegetables that usually constitute a salad so it's actually quite a logical thought process. It's just rather abnormal?

5. I hate my toes
Not all toes, just mine. I worked in a shoe shop for quite awhile and generally feet didn't faze me that much. It's just my own toes that I find to be particularly irritating. They just don't look like nice toes. I blame Father for that one.

6. I like to feel short
Particularly when it comes to gentlemen. I really enjoy looking up at people and feeling small. I'm not really sure why? I don't particularly enjoy wearing high heels and my love of shoes extends mostly to ballet flats, which I'm quite happy to wear out on the town. I just like feeling short. Justin maintains a suitable height distance between us when he stands up straight and I'm barefoot and I like it muchly.

7. I want to own my own business
I think that after 10 or so years of teaching I'll give it a rest and see what else I can do. I've always wanted to do this and I don't particularly mind what it is I own. Perhaps a cafe or restaurant, or a boutique store or perhaps something to do with my photography if I pursue it? I think I would really enjoy the challenges it encompasses.

8. I'm scared to get married
Yeah. It is what it is. I think once it's over and done with I might cope a bit better but the actual concept of a wedding and "getting" married is all a bit much for me; I'd just prefer to "be" married. I'd like to be legally recognised as someone's wife, I just find the hoopla surrounding the whole thing to be a bit unnecessary, unwarranted and somewhat ridiculous. I hope that when I do get married that nothing will change between me and my husband and the only difference will be rings and a certificate. I don't think it should change anything and I don't think it needs to be such a big deal.

9. I should've/could've been a leftie
I'm quite naturally a right-handed person but I do many things with my left hand that I probably shouldn't? Well not shouldn't per se but rather, it would be more natural if I did them with my right hand. I think this stems from having my left-handed father teach me said things and so my muscle memory is now with my left hand. It just goes to show how influential nurture is! 

10. Pens must face the same direction
Look, if you have a pencil case/pen holder etc, I feel that it is a normal request that all of the pens/pencils face the same direction. It does stress me out a little bit if they aren't and I do kind of need to correct the issue before I can really focus but I don't really think it's that strange. They look nicer if they face the same direction!

11. Subtitles are my friends
I am just a visual learner and so if I really like a show/movie, there's a good chance I'll watch it through once without subtitles and then once again with them. It just helps me connect a bit more with what I'm viewing. I really enjoy foreign films because accents and languages sound great to me but generally aren't memorable and so I like to read; I don't find it distracting in the slightest. I LOVE TO REEEEEAD!


1. What is your favourite flavour of ice cream? How awkward. I don't eat ice cream... The whole texture thing. Sorry?
2. What inspired you to start blogging? Several things. It looked fun, I knew a friend from uni that blogged, my head needed clearing and I find writing to be very soothing and helpful for me. Plus it's now a way to learn about things I wasn't aware I was interested in, meet new people and further my writing.
3. What advice would you give yourself at age 5, 10, 15? Ooo. At 5 - don't talk to the smelly boy with Christmas beetles in his pencil tin. At 10 - you won't remember this boy in about 6 months, everything will be okay. At 15 - boys who treat you badly aren't worth it. BOY MAD FROM A YOUNG, YOUNG AGE.
4. What is the most meaningful present you've ever received? The ring Justin gave me for my 18th birthday. It was just shy of our one year and it was the nicest thing anyone had ever given me. I wear it every day and I love it. It means a lot that he picked it out and that he likes it.
5. What was something that was really difficult that you overcame? Big question. There have been many rather difficult things in my life that I don't think I've got overcome just yet. I think they will take time and there's a very good chance I may never be able to say that I overcame them. It just is what it is. Perhaps my grandfather dying? I'm not sure. 
6. If you could time travel, would you prefer to go backwards, or forwards in time? Oh backwards for sure. Going forwards is boring because then it'll happen and it won't be fun and surprising. Going back doesn't ruin the surprise.
7. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be? New Zealand I think. I love it there. Perhaps England as well. Oh to dream...
8. What 3 things baffle you the most? Religion; the card game 500 and why certain people think it's a great idea to procreate.
9. How old were you when you had your first kiss? I was 15. I don't know if that's good or bad. I was the first in my group of friends but we were probably the last group in the school ha ha; everyone else was very advanced. For my group, I was quite the brazen hussy.
10. Favourite book? Nope, absolutely refuse to dignify this question with an answer. There are too many that are equal first and they all deserve to be my favourites.
11. What was the first movie you remember seeing in cinema? How awkward... I do believe it was Chicken Run. I'm assuming it wasn't the first movie, just the first I remember. To this day, I LOVE that movie. 'Where there's a will, there's a way and I WILL be going THAT way!' Classic ha ha ha.

1. Weirdest dream you've ever had? (like a zzzz dream)
2. Favourite pizza topping and why?
3. On a scale of 1 to 756,382 how patient would you say you are?
4. Favourite word and why?
5. Do you prefer to be in photos or the one taking them?
6. How many soft toys reside on your bed and WHY?!?!
7. Where were you on September 11, 2001?
8. If you had to have a zoo animal walk you down the aisle (aka said animal becomes your temporary father, which could get weird but we won't let it), which one would it be and why?
9. What is your second favourite smell?
10. Lamest award you've ever received?
11. Most frequently sung song in the shower?


Monday, 23 January 2012

we've only just begun...

Yesterday was a lovely, happy Sunday and I shall show you why...

There was a delicious lunch and for your viewing pleasure, I have included my two favourite dishes - Bruschetta and a cheese plate containing THREE different blues!!

One Christmas Day, (namely the one that just passed) this fine gent P proposed to this lovely lady E and so, the planning has begun for... THE WEDDING OF ALL TIME! (I'm just assuming it will undoubtedly top the royal wedding!)

 Such a tender moment that A decided to share with the camera.
I appreciated it greatly :-)

I just really like this photo -- they look so happy! 

I also had a fantastic dinner at a Mexican restaurant which translates to lots of nachos and sangria - yay! If you're not on the sangria bandwagon, I strongly suggest that you do so and do so quickly.

I'm really enjoying my new camera but wish I had a more responsive audience - I don't know why people fret so much about me taking photos! I'm happy that I managed to capture some good ones yesterday as I need them for a project/gift I am undertaking but it's proving quite a challenge!

Any tips on how to encourage people to just not worry about the camera?


Thursday, 19 January 2012

remember that time i...

Skipped a week of blogging? 
Yeah, cool.

Got accepted into my new uni degree?
Why, that was just yesterday! I managed to successfully transfer from Arts/Law to Arts/Education and I could not be any more thrilled! It's going to be all sorts of weird and wonderful challenges but most importantly, it's going to feel right!

Lost my glasses?
Also yesterday! I'm heartbroken. I can't drive without them. Plus I kinda really liked them. I managed to order 2 new pairs today but I may have to wait 2 weeks (!!!!). I'm currently "borrowing" a pair of glasses (thanks babe, sigh..) but they obviously aren't the correct script so driving is a weeeee bit dodgy. Still, I'm sure my fantastic driving skills more than accommodate my lack of vision! Yeah!

Couldn't stop crafting?
This has been ongoing for awhile now. Learning how to make friendship bracelets has been addictive! I should've known though that I was never going to be able to stop. I can't cook to save my life and I'd hardly call my obsession with cleanliness being "domesticated" but boy can I craft! I can competently crochet, knit, french knit, make weird daisy things with a weird contraption, cross-stitch and much more! It's ridiculous. What a bizarre aptitude. Shame I can't put it on resumes...

Went to the beach twice in one month?
Ha... Good times. I'd like to contrast this with 'I haven't been to the beach in 10 years prior to this month'. 

Somewhat stuck to my diet?
Not too shabby! Day Six + Seven + Eight went quite splendidly indeed. Lots of pole dancing, walking, running and healthy eating! I'm happy as!

Convinced Justin to be Irish?
I don't think it really worked but it was fun. I did get a text this morning that said 'Top of the morning to ya!' so maybe it is actually working... Lucky he's putting in the time now otherwise I might just snag myself a true Irishman around Christmas time when I'm in Ireland, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I joke -- I think I'd prefer a Scotsman. 

Put Rod Stewart on repeat?
What can I say? :-)
Fun Fact: Mum loves ol' Rod Stewart and Dad thinks this is hilarious. So, of course, Dad imitates him. Strangely enough, Dad sounds (and looks) a whole lot more like Ray Charles than Rod Stewart. He isn't aware of this. I enjoy it. 

Picked up E + P from the airport?
No, because it hasn't happened yet! But it will tomorrow! Yay!

I wanted to leave you all with a picture of PEZ but apparently, Blogger doesn't like PEZ and just won't let me. Perhaps next time...


Sunday, 8 January 2012

try to walk a mile

I think the thing that I like most about people is their uniqueness. I love how people could have a list of things in common but subtle differences mean they are completely different.

I don't want to get into the 'nature vs nurture' argument (because I personally believe you can't completely separate the two) but the experiences someone has in their life impacts who they are. The way you respond to something is for a reason. Perhaps that reason is unknown to you, but it exists.

When it comes to me, there is a lot people don't see. They don't know what experiences I've gone through and what impacts that has had on me. I'm a very self-aware person and so I can see exactly why I respond in this way to this thing. I don't try to change my reactions either, I just let them happen.

It's interesting though when I let people into the reality. They seem quite shocked. I'm not; I guess I'm desensitized to it now. But I think it helps people to understand. I don't always want to tell people though - it's tiring and embarrassing and it affects their judgment of other people, and I don't know how fair that is.

I make decisions in my life and I hold certain beliefs because of what I've been through. They might be extreme or contradictory to what the "normal" person believes but I am shaped by my circumstance.

I think we would all do well to think a bit more before we speak when it comes to criticising someone's morals or beliefs, particularly if they are in sharp contrast to our own. We need to think 'WHY do they believe this? Something happened to steer them onto this course and instead of judging, perhaps we should just accept that for what it is.'

I often find myself embarrassed because people say to me 'that's stupid' or 'don't be ridiculous' etc etc. I don't want to tell these people all the nitty-gritty details of my life. And I shouldn't have to. I think it's enough to hold my beliefs; they demand the same respect I afford you of yours.

Let's all just remember that you can't always walk a mile in their shoes, so just accept their views at the start of the long road of friendship.


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

you got a dawr? you got a gym!

There is nothing more satisfying for me than trying to nail all the various American accents. I have no idea how accurate I am but that ad for 'door gym' gets me every time. 

Sitting here with my lovely boyfriend as he watches 'Engaged & Underage' with me (true love?), that ad just came on. He also uttered the pearls: "It's only 200 bucks to use my... door..." (HA, classic)

Not only does he make me laugh, but he inspires me. He is comfortable being who he is and that makes me know that its okay to be me as well. He is always himself and doesn't care what people think. 

I always have lofty dreams of losing just that little bit extra weight (without ever doing anything about it!) But every time I mention that, without fail, he reassures me that I am perfect just the way I am. If I ever did lose weight, he'd support me 100% but he makes sure that I know that he wouldn't change me if he could.

I wish this kind of love on everyone. It makes me sad to see people in relationships where the other person isn't supportive and criticises them all the time. No one deserves that! :-(

I am the way I am today because of him. He has provided me with a lot of confidence that helps me in all areas of my life - uni, work, family, friends. I've never really had love or support in my life before but because of him, I can handle everything that comes my way and not have to worry that he will think badly of me or think differently of me. 

What an amazing situation I now find myself in! 
(Unlike these kids on Engaged & Underage - what the heck is going on in these episodes?!) 

But in all seriousness, no one needs a door gym when they have an amazing boyfriend!

He also lets me take photos of him whenever I want!

P.S - Happy 2 and a half year anniversary.. for yesterday! (Yay, we did it!)

Monday, 2 January 2012

it's fun to be...


(I pinched this from Niina over at It seems pretty obvious. - go check her out, she takes some amazing pics!)

A. Age: 19.
B. Bed size: Double?
C. Chore that you hate: I actually like chores... 
D. Dogs: I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Jackie (NOT my decision) and want to get a pug one day named Biff.
E. Essential start to your day: Breakfast, yum yum yum! 
F. Favorite colour: It's been yellow for awhile and it's slipping into pink. 
G. Gold or Silver: I always thought silver but now I think gold...
H. Height: 163cm. Perhaps.
I. Instruments you play: None sadly. 
J. Job title: Um... "Girl-who-does-a-bit-of-everything-at-the-mini-golf-place-she-works-at". Yeah.
K. Kids: I have none. And it's great...
L. Live: Sydney!!! 
M. Mother’s name: Denise. 
N. Nicknames: Quite a few. Easily my favourite at the moment is Moonda. And 'spotted fawn'. HA.
O. Overnight hospital stays: ZERO.
P. Pet peeves: People who walk slow. And 3-4 wide. JUST DIE.
Q. Quote from a movie: The huge long one from V for Vendetta <3
R. Right or left handed: Right. 
S. Siblings: A brother who is 3 years younger than me. 
T. Time you wake up: When I'm done sleeping / when the alarm goes off / when Mother decides it's time for me to be up.
U. Underwear: Like standard bikini briefs. SO EXCITING! 
V. Vegetable you hate: Broccoli stems. And pumpkin. And mushrooms. And ESPECIALLY avocado. 
W. What makes you run late: My boyfriend. And my make up. And eating too much.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: None :-( I want one of my head to see what it looks like in there.
Y. Yummy food that you make: I unfortunately don't cook... I'm pretty good at Continental pastas though?
Z. Zoo animal:  I refuse to dignify this question with an answer. Making me choose, pfft. I LOVE THEM ALL!

It's as easy as A-B-C...


Sunday, 1 January 2012

happy new year

Well, that was the best NYE I've ever had!

It was such a beautiful night - I went to an amazing party literally right behind the Harbour Bridge! When the fireworks went off I was in awe - they were so close (and SO loud!)it was just the most wonderful experience! It was a fancy cocktail party and they had a swing band!!!! Now anyone who knows me, knows that it doesn't get no better than a swing band for me! I even got to dance with a professional dancer and he spun and twirled me till I was dizzy and nauseous (I have the open bar to thank for that..)

It was a truly beautiful night with my man and I am so thankful for the opportunity.

At the stroke of 12 though when I kissed said man, I got to thinking - it's a new year and perhaps I should have some new things to work towards. The concept of a 'resolution' is also tied to 'never seems to happen' so I think I shall simply call them..

My 2012 Goals:
1. Distinctions in ALL of my uni. subjects - whatever they may be or wherever I may take them. I have to stop being lazy and push myself harder. I know what I am capable of and instead of being constantly disappointed in my results, I am going to work harder and be happier.
2. Learn to speak Spanish somewhat fluently - It's such a beautiful language and I feel strangely connected to it. I want to expand my horizons and hopefully it'll come in handy for my Europe 2012/2013 holiday! 
3. Read at least one book a month - excluding 'required reading' texts. My required reading texts last semester really got me down, some were quite excruciating to read and I let that deter me from one of my greatest loves. I shall not let that happen again; I am much happier if I have a book I'm currently reading.
***4. Emotional fortitude - I forgot about this bad boy. See my earlier post, Puss.. In Boots, to clarify this point. I think this one is very likely to succeed!

This is all I have so far and they seem manageable. I am excited to push myself to achieve something. 2011 was a very horrible for me - I lost so many people that I love and to make sure I don't drown in my misery as I mark the tragic one year anniversary for my loved ones, I will keep my eyes on the prize and focus on being healthy, happy and successful.

I wish all the best to you all and remember..

I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.
Agatha Christie