Monday, 22 October 2012

weekly round-up 15.

Last week was really busy but I didn't even notice!

I discovered last week that I've nearly blown my phone Internet usage for this month already and I have ages until it refreshes. Thus, no photos. How does that equal no photos? Well I couldn't have my phone Internet on when I was out so I couldn't get inspiration from Instagram and felt no desire to take photos. Maybe also because I forgot. I did get a couple though...

 * I housesat for Justin's brother and his fiancee on the weekend and they got me flowers to say thanks. I'll admit, it was pretty hard to sit in a freshly painted unit and watch Gilmore Girls whilst burning a nice smelly candle. Life is hard...

For Justin's 21st we went to Cirque du Soliel on Wednesday night. There's a post coming up about it this week!

Other things that happened...

* We went to a really nice dinner on Monday night at Glass restaurant. The theme for the night was Peruvian and it was delish. The waiters came to know me as "Jasmine-no-seafood" which was somewhat embarrassing but it also meant that the seafood dishes were replaced with delicious vinegary bean dishes. I died.

* I got my hair did and now I feel pretty and witty and gay! I'll show you that one when it's less poofy, more... flat?

* Oh, and part of the housesitting involved letting in delivery guys who came bearing a fridge and a washing machine. They said they were coming at 7am. They came at 6.40am. To say that I was unprepared is an understatement... The flip side of this is that I sort of, somewhat, not really helped get the fridge set up. I'm a regular handyman. Just call me Handy Jazz. 

Don't do that. 

What did you guys do this past week? Anyone else had delivery guys arrive waaaaay earlier than is acceptable?


  1. Sounds like a good weekend!

  2. Came by from Mish Lovin Life!

    We always have the exact opposite problem. Delivery guys/repairmen tell me they're coming at, say, Monday at 2pm and then don't show until like Friday at 9am. No call in between. Makes me absolutely crazy!

    Anyways, cute blog! Excited to follow along!

  3. Sounds like a pretty good week even if we've obviously been a bit depressed :) haha and I would love to go to Cirque du Soliel some day, it sounds pretty amazing!


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