Tuesday, 16 October 2012

weekly round-up 14.

** Note: I wrote this post this morning. All was well. Then I parked over a driveway at the train station because I was running late and got a $100 parking fine. But you know what, still a good day! Plus, my first ever fine ;) I'm excited!

Aw hey der!

That wasn't another language, that was just me saying hi all crazay and stuff. 

So I'm still recovering from my sickness. Does anyone else feel when they're sick that their head is really heavy and your neck gets tired from trying to keep it upright? I get that a lot. I always say I feel like one of those old roly poly dolls that used to have foam in their bodies and really heavy heads then you pushed them and they just keep doing roly polys. 

Are you guys still reading at this point..?

That's how I feel anyway. You could push me over right now and I'd just keep on rolling, head first. I actually probably wouldn't be averse to that happening because it kind of sounds fun?

I worked quite a bit this week and had a fair few university assessments to hand in. I had a serious emotional breakdown last Monday. I'm talking sitting in the shower crying type of breakdown. It wasn't pretty. And it was a bit cold now I come to think of it. Thankfully that was my low point and things only got better from there.

I haven't been keeping up with the Photo a Day challenge this month. I'm quite sad about that really! I enjoy having prompts -- I respond well to instruction and guidelines that give you room to interpret and be creative. That's actually really important to me -- in all things, I like guides that allow you to use your head and respond in a way that still requires critical thinking and allows you to be creative. 

BAM. Monday morning self-reflection.

You just want the photos don't you? Sigh, here you go my little minions - enjoy!

On Saturday night we attended a murder mystery party! It was set in Casablanca in the 1940s. Justin's character was an American cafe owner, my character was a Russian aristocrat and Jack's character, featured below, was a Gestapo officer! It was a really fun night filled with ridiculous accents and false accusations ;)

We also went to a glitter themed party -- thus Justin's glittery bow tie (which he made himself!) // I also decided to be a little American this week and went all out with the colours. This was also conveniently what I wore to work..

I saw this blender and got upset because I really want it :( soup AND smoothies. Plus, it's a beast. // This table is an IKEA table. And I put it together. That's right, me. Very happy with that!

A couple of snaps from my poor attempt at Photo a Day October. I'm inconsistent this month guys :(

What have you been upto this past week or two? What's the haps kids? The 411?
Disclaimer: Jack is not really a Nazi and doesn't participate in any activities that support Nazism. Please no one be offended by the photo -- it was a costume for a themed party where it was required he dress as a Gestapo officer. I love all people in the world equally. So does Jack. 

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  1. What great ideas for parties! I've never been to a murder mystery party, but it sounds awesome! That blender looks fantastic!


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