Friday, 12 October 2012

g'day mate!

One of my favourite things to witness is people from all over the world attempting to do an Australian accent. 99% of people just get it so, so wrong. But thanks to the media there are a few Australian stereotypes, that whilst funny, should not be taken seriously on a global scale.

First of all, no one sounds like Crocodile Dundee. Except Crocodile Dundee and one or two farmers in really, really, REALLY rural Australia. Oh and Fosters beer? Yeah no one here likes or drinks Fosters. If you're really going to pick a beer that is Australian, go with VB. But Fosters?! Just no.


It's funny how we don't ride kangaroos to school. You might think this is a bit extreme but we had an English exchange student come to my high school many moons ago and she said that she was genuinely surprised we didn't. Really..? As a side note, kangaroos are really massive, scary and relatively vicious. They don't just hop down the road!

There are a few stereotypes that we definitely do indulge in and I love it when foreigners pick on us about those. Our ability to shorten every name, the way we inflect at the end of every sentence and the way we just casually don't pronounce g's or r's at the end of words? That stuff is brilliant.

But please know, we do not ride kangaroos around, not everyone likes Vegemite and it's kind of weird to say 'Aw g'day mate!' 

If you had to imitate an Australian, what is your go-to impression? Do you fellow Australians out there notice our little quirks?


  1. I admit, whenever I attempt to do an Australian accent I say "G'day mate!". Terribly though. I'm awful at accents.
    Can't help but laugh at the girl who thought you guys rode kangaroos to school! Now that would be interesting to see.
    I've never actually met an Australian or watched any programmes from Australia, so I can't say I've ever picked up on anything, I'll keep an eye out though!

  2. Haha, in Canberra the kangaroos are in abundance! When I lived there, there was a few times I had to slow down when driving because I could see a kangaroo waiting on the side of the road. Fortunately for us, this isn't the case in Sydney.

  3. Bahaha, loved this! I can't say as I've ever tried to do an Australian accent... My housemates default (only) Australian phrase is "dingo", that's it. I don't even know.

  4. What? You don't ride kangaroos to school? Because we totally ride polar bears to school!!!!

  5. lol this post is brilliant!! i am definately guilty of doing the aussie accent (badly I may add!!) but apparently according to my family back home, the inflect at the end of the sentence has got me!!
    def pure blonde over VB tho ;)
    loving your blog!

    1. Oh Pure Blonde - yes! Good call :)
      Yeah all you really gotta do is go up at the end, piece of cake really!

      Thanks! Have a good day :) X


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