Friday, 5 October 2012

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Third Strike - Zoe Sharp

I'm aware I've done other book reviews, but I want them all in a section and I need something to keep motivated. Thus, the 'bookworm' series.

I picked this book up for a couple of dollars from Woolworths. It was just sitting in one of those clearance bins placed strategically near the counter for people such as myself. 

I'm quite partial to thriller novels. Not thriller movies - just thriller novels. It's the music in those movies that always makes me poop my pants. Action thriller novels and crime novels are probably my favourite genre to read, even though I'm a big scaredy cat at heart and am paranoid for days after reading them.

For the price I paid of this book, it matched the value I got out of it. It was a really, really easy read surprisingly (seeing as it's 400+ pages long!) This book is apparently the third book in the 'Charlie Fox Thriller Series' by this author but that didn't really hinder my understanding of what was going on (I haven't read the first two and had never even heard of this author prior to this book). I drew a couple of blanks about references to the past that kind of went straight over my head but you can piece together what happened. 

I don't really understand how it's 400 pages though. There seems to be a LOT going on and you could have written more but 400+ pages for a novel is massive and way too daunting. It flowed relatively quickly and with ease but I was a bit disappointed by all of the family drama. It had enough action to keep me all excited, but the amount of domestic drama far outweighed actual thriller suspense. 

If you're new to the genre, read this book (if you can find it for dirt cheap). It's easy to read and you really do fly through it; it has enough action to keep you nervous but not enough that you're overwhelmed by it all and it deals with family themes that I think most people could probably relate to, if not understand, relatively well.

If you're a seasoned crime thriller vet, you could probably skip this book. I'd say, if you come across it in a library, borrow it. But maybe don't add it to your collection?

I'd just like to issue one or two warnings. Sexual intercourse with underage persons gets a mention in this book (don't worry, it doesn't actually occur) but themes such as gang rape are actually mentioned and from what I gather, the protagonist was a victim of this crime in a previous novel. There are no graphic details of any of these events but they do get a mention, so if you're uncomfortable around these topics, bear that in mind.

Overall: 3/5

P.S - If you've decided you'd like to read this book, first person to ask for it will get my copy posted to them :-)

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