Thursday, 25 October 2012

big things!

beware of big things, such as giant flowers

The end of this year looks to be pretty massive. In roughly 5 or so weeks time, Justin's sister-in-law will be popping out a little bambino and in just under 8 weeks, I'll be jet-setting half way around the world for a trip to Europe.

They, my friends, are BIG things.

As a rule of thumb, I like to pretend that I handle everything in life really well. Nothing could be further from the truth. I handle pretty much everything really poorly. I'm always far too emotional for any situation - whether that's extreme happiness or extreme sadness, either way, I'm the person sitting in the corner crying because "It's too much!" or "I'm so happy right now!"

But these big things are good big things. I'm excited to be an unofficial Aunt. I'm excited to see this little baby be a baby and then grow and learn. I haven't really spent much (read: any) time around small people before and so the thought of nappies and spit up actually secretly excites me. I want to experience being around a little baby and experience growth in such a noticeable way. 

I'm also excited to visit Europe. I've never been before and those 6 weeks are going to open my eyes and my heart and I am so ready for that. I want to experience life in a completely different way. I want to be the one who grows and learns.

I'm prepared to be completely overwhelmed with emotions because that's who I am. I sincerely hope that I'm overcome with extreme happiness and no sadness, but knowing myself, something is going to upset me and I will end up bawling half way through a transatlantic flight. I do not envy those travelling with me I tell ya.

I feel that the end of this year, and the start of the next year, is going to mark a significant time in my life. I can just feel that who I am will shift incredibly and I sincerely hope that my mind and my heart change for the better. 

And now, to lighten things back up again, I leave you with...

I know you can be overwhelmed and I know you can be underwhelmed... But can you ever just be... whelmed? 

What movie does that come from my friends? 

If you can guess then you really should be my mini-me! Speaking of which, you don't have long left to enter the world's greatest giveaway - go go go!



    This is why we're friends, and why we're awesome.
    I am so excited you're going to Europe and so jealous you know someone having a baby. All these youtubers have kids and now I want a little baby to play with :(

  2. Ten Things I Hate About You. :)

    "I'm the person sitting in the corner crying because "It's too much!" or "I'm so happy right now!"" So are you like Kristen Bell? ( Haha!

    All joking aside, I'm really excited for you and these big changes!

  3. Being an unoffical Aunt is amazing, just as amazing as being an offical aunt. I know this. It is amazing the love you can feel for a little baby that calls you auntie! It is on my most favorite feelings! And, your trip sounds AMAZING! I am super jealous, but I can't wait to hear about your adventures!! I am also your newest follower, I found you through Mish. Love your blog! :-)


  4. Love your blog, newest follower here :))
    I wish I could be just "whelmed" , it seems that it's always over or under. Wish there was a happy medium :)
    Congrats on becoming an official aunt :) that is amazing news!
    Enjoy your week!

    1. Thanks for following along!

      I'm so excited to be Aunt :) hopefully I do a good job ha!

      Have a good day! Xx

  5. Big things indeed! But I feel excited for you and your emotions ;) and no we didn't get the time to skype this week! I'm a BAD friend. But this week is going to be the last busy week in my life because after that I'm unemployed, yay! We can skype every day! Or something like that ;)

  6. Aww I cannot believe your Europe trip is almost here. You're going to love it!!!! Xxx.

  7. Such a good quote. Also - I didn't spend much time around small people until I turned 22. I had (and still have) no idea what to do with them - and when they're under 3 months, they officially scare me because I think I'm going to break them. BUT - watching them grow up has been pretty awesome. And Aunt is a pretty awesome title - all the fun, but no responsibility. Good luck on your adventures!!


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