Friday, 30 December 2011

the cat camera

Here kitty, kitty, kitty...

I had a truly splendid day today with my best friend, M. I rarely ever get to see him; we are just too busy! Every few months or so we badger each other until we find a matching date and time and it's lovely. M is very creative and spiritual - he's a budding musician with a lot of talent (sings, guitar, piano) but he's also very artsy. It's fun just hanging out and bonding over our big and utterly unrealistic dreams for the future.

He also added a new member to the family - a kitten named Pepper. She was a stray and he's a vet-to-be so he's a sucker for all animals, big or small.

Pepper & M

I'm not really a cat person but I was somewhat taken with this little ball of fur, as it bounced it's way around...

So cute..! 

I'm loving my new camera! It just makes me so happy. I hope everyone enjoys the pictures as much as I do!


something like pia's christmas cactus

It happened - I bought myself my Canon 1100d! V for victory! 

This is technically my first BIG purchase. Dad paid for my laptop and car (thanks Father..) but this is something that I really wanted, that no one else believed I needed (which made me more determined) and so I saved up and bought it yesterday.

It's always been said that my brother is the creative one in the family. 
And he is. I don't deny that.

I just feel that my creative talents were overlooked in order to support him. He is quite a little whiz - and power to him. He got himself a drawing tablet thing for his computer awhile ago and he creates amazing things with it! They are like jaw-droppingly good! (I shall ask him one day if he'll let me post one - he's the self-conscious, shy type and doesn't enjoy bragging as much as I do.)

However.. I feel that like a little plant, if given the opportunity, I would also flourish. So I provided myself with that opportunity, because who better to empower you but you.

Here begins my journey into the prickly land of photography..

Saturday, 24 December 2011

feliz navidad!

Christmas Eve is possibly the best night of the year. Granted that Christmas Day is the best day of the year. 

Oh the suspense! What will Santa leave me? Did he get my list? Would the reindeer prefer milk or booze? Would Santa prefer milk or booze for that matter?!

I finished all my Christmas shopping yesterday, which I am quite proud of! I had to duck back into the craziness of a Westfield today to find outfits for the impending few days. I completely forgot that I had to go places and see people over Christmas -- I think in my head it was just me, in bed, drinking tea, reading whatever books Santa leaves and admiring all of my new, pretty things! That is of course until New Years when the madness starts again -- life is tough when people expect you to be present at social events.

I shall post pictures of my Christmas spoils + outfits in the near future, perhaps tomorrow or later tonight.

I sincerely wish everyone a very merry Christmas!
J x

Monday, 19 December 2011

puss.. in boots

Saw this movie tonight. So glad I did -- I laughed way more than all the little kids did. I thought I'd like it and I did! I recommend it to everyone :-) .. whose sense of humour is exactly like mine. 

I don't even like cats and I loved it. Something about a cat, in boots, with the most amazing, seductive accent seems to win me over.. I wonder why.. 

On another note, I spoke to E + P for the first time since they went overseas. I miss them both dearly :-( and it's been one day. I'm such a sucker for emotion. 

Which is another 2012 resolution -- to be less emotional. Knowing myself, this is going to be tough. But I believe it to be highly necessary! I cry like all the time, literally.. No, not literally ha. But way too frequently. Oh someone's going on holiday *sob*, someone did really well at uni *sob*, hey jas your hair looks pretty funny today *sob*, someone on telly is getting married *sob*. It's the most frustrating thing because even when I concentrate really hard on not crying, I cry. 

I shall develop emotional fortitude and become a purely unemotional being. Or perhaps limit my crying to socially acceptable scenarios... More than likely, the former will occur. Yeah, without question, I'll be the kid that NEVER cries. 

Yeah..! This is definitely a V for Victory moment. Or at least it will be. Eventually.. *sob*


Not long now until 2012 kicks off. Somewhat of an understatement to say that I am really, really looking forward to a new year.

It means a lot of anniversaries, both happy and sad. People may become lost, but I don't think they ever become forgotten if there is someone to remember them. I will be that person. 

2012 is also the year that I hopefully start on the path to being a teacher (a path I should've been on a couple of years ago but got swayed by the Big Bad Wolf); it's the year that I'll read every single book that comes my way; and the year I'll hopefully move out. This is most definitely not the end of my list but it's not even the New Year and my resolutions are already on the table!

This blog is hopefully the start of a beautiful friendship - between me and me, and me and you! I have always been a huge fan of the written word (I'm a visual learner but I do NOT like mind maps) and to transform my thoughts into what is a beautiful medium, is somewhat humbling.  

The likelihood of posting everyday seems.. challenging but fun. No promises but I shall have a crack at it. I don't think this will be today's blog -- I want to write more and more and more! 

So here goes, the beginning of the beginning...