Thursday, 5 September 2013


i'm not even going to talk about my absence from this here
blog. i will one day but today is that not that day.

today, however, is the day that a possum farted outside my
bedroom window. it kind of sounded like explosive diarrhoea if
we're being totally honest but i can't confirm that. and that my
friends was the highlight of today. i think this is a great foray
back into the world of documenting life.

i'll leave you with a picture of my favourite animal on the face
of the earth, because we all need more albus in our lives. that
and i didn't get a photo of the possum because he ran off and
cried like a girl that he got busted fluffing outside my window.

tomorrow i'll probably write about something a touch more
interesting. stay tuned folks, stay tuned. OH and also, i bought
a baby cactus today. yeah, we're gonna see how this pans out.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

the date.

i'm not the type of person who has ever given much thought
to what my wedding would be like. to be honest, i still don't
really care that much. my only actual criteria for this wedding
of ours is that it be relaxed, simple and us. and that's it. that's
all i've got. so as you can tell, the planning of this wedding of
ours is not going all that fast.

that being said, i do have one little tidbit of information to share.
we have picked a date! i'm really not sure how other people have
gone about this process but for us it was literally a matter of when
do you want to get married? i don't know, maybe summer next year?
okay yeah, that sounds good. whips out iphone. like december?
yeah that's cool, not too close to christmas... not that date either.
okay yeah, december 6th it is.

and so that's how december 6 2014 was born. i'm hoping the birth
of our children is that simple of a process as well. that's how having
babies works right?

 only 492 days to go.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

travel smart: fly right.

the flying part of travelling is both fun and a nightmare.
pressurised cabin air and sitting still for long periods of time
does so much to mess up your skin, hair, circulation and
general emotional state. okay well maybe that last one is just
me but working out how to fly right is one of the best things
you can do for yourself. here are my tips to make flying better!

1. think like a fish.
you know how fish love water? get in touch with your fishy side
and embrace the h2o. i have to confess, i don't drink nearly
enough water on a daily basis but i am so conscious of staying
hydrated when i'm flying. it makes the world of difference! cabin
air is very drying and de-hydrating. drinking tonnes of water will
stop your skin from looking so deathly upon arrival. it's also good
for your general overall state of being. depriving your body of water
isn't good for you physically or mentally and you'll just end up 
grumpy and looking ill.

2. be more prepared than a boy scout.
right, so planes get cold. wear layers and take socks. chances are
you won't get tonnes of leg room so wear those comfy pants
and don't make your lack of space worse through constrictive
clothing. sometimes plane food sucks. grab some snacks before you
board - think a little packet of sugary treats for a little pick me up
and a little packet of pretzels can go a long way. people with children
love to fly. bring your headphones or ear plugs. you will always
need a pen, so bring 2. moisturiser can stop you from forking that
man next to you who keeps farting. okay maybe it won't but your arms,
hands, face, legs and feet will smell good. you're also probably likely
to get your period. and a headache. be prepared!

3. bathroom trips are your friend.
well, strategic ones that is. the second you get on the plane, get
in that toilet. you're likely to be the first one in there so it won't smell.
it also means that the time when the seat belt sign is on won't be filled
with thoughts of 'omg i need to pee!' also, go every couple of hours.
i don't care if you don't need to pee. just go. if you're drinking all that
water you probably do actually need to go and it also means you're
moving around. also, don't plan on going in the last half hour or so
of the flight. everyone else has that thought. it's also probably when
everyone's meals are being digested... yeah, think about it.

4. those foot exercises are serious!
if you don't want fat feet, you'll do your exercises. simply rolling
your ankles around every hour or so can ensure you don't get
swollen feet (this is also aided by the whole drinking water thing!)
be that person who gets up and walks the length of the plane a couple
of times. it's good for your circulation, it gets your brain thinking,
you get to check out all the other folk on the plane and you'll seriously
feel better. if the thought of that makes you nervous, just do the foot
exercises. no one can see you doing them and they work. trust me.

5. flight attendants are people too.
this one is seriously important. those people are doing a job and that
job does not involve being your personal slave. they are people, that
have probably flown dozens of hours in the past couple of days. they
are trying really hard to be extra positive and make your flight as
comfortable as possible. so please, don't be a tosser to flight attendants.
yelling at them is stupid. they didn't plan the menu, they didn't put you
behind the screaming child, they didn't orchestrate the sun to be in a
really awkward position in the sky and that for the person across the
aisle to love sunlight and to refuse to shut their blind. 90% of the
problems you will have aren't their fault. so don't be a loser and blame
them. it's their job and they're just as tired and de-hydrated and confined
as you are. think about your words before you say them. and saying
thank you isn't a bad idea either.

do you have any suggestions to make flying a more pleasurable experience?
and don't anyone say join the mile high club because those bathrooms are
tiny and i feel like that would be more trouble than it's worth!

p.s we flew business class on the way home from HK because we got an
upgrade. don't think we fly fancy all the time!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

a little update.

i've been working my butt off at my new job and this week is
no exception. this is the last week of holidays before i'm back
at university (where did the time go?!) and so i have big plans
to work... read... eat... and sleep. then repeat. i'm really looking
forward to this semester because for the first time ever, i'm only
taking three subjects. i've taken four and i've taken five, but never
three. i'm really really really looking forward to a slightly reduced
workload and the ability to actually devote myself properly to all
of my subjects.

last night justin and i went and stayed at his cousin's farm out
near camden. it was a really awesome night and the silver lining
is that they have horses. safe to say, there was lots of 'come here
horsey!' over and over. the horses really enjoyed that i'm sure...

i've got some travelling posts lined up for over the next couple of
weeks, and i'm really excited about them. there are things about
travelling that sometimes you just don't know and someone really
ought to tell you! hope you guys are having a great week! this
photograph is from my instagram feed - follow me here.

update: i've created a facebook page for my blog so that if facebook
is your drug of choice, you'll now be able to get post updates on there!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

i'm baaaa-ack!

we got back this morning from hong kong, which explains my
blogging hiatus. we had internet over there but it was kinda
nice to not blog everything as it was happening. that being said,
i'm going to go crazy with travel posts and posts about HK.

it seriously is one of my favourite cities in the world. everything
moves so fast and so efficiently. no one is loud and boisterous in
public and it's clean! they really value hygiene and i really value
that, ha. it makes my little OCD heart sing!

tonight will involve cuddling the crap out of my dog and surfing
the internet and the million foxtel channels i've missed. maybe a
few board games and general catch ups with my favourite people
too. i start my new job tomorrow, which will be interesting on my
jet-lagged sleeping patterns. i'm really excited and nervous and
hoping i don't nod off half way through the day. i probably will but
ah well! for right now though, i'm watching deathly hallows part 2
and playing with my new hands-free thing for my phone. i've called
my brother like 3 times already and he's really not amused.